Mission Statement

E.I.S. Electronics treats its customers as partners. Our flexibility, customer orientation and superior price-performance ratio enable our customers to deliver their products in perfect condition, on time and economically.
We secure our work places by perfect quality and on-time performance at a fair price – you can always rely on this!


The guide structure with a flat hierarchy enables fast decisions. The focus is always on the customer projects and collaboration with the customer.

Team India

Only dedicated & well trained employees who demonstrate periodic and incremental progress in skills are deployed on production floors, so that the products manufactured are according to national & international quality standards.

Why us


Within the repair activities for defence applications we master wire wrapping, moulding technologies and HF-cables with HF-connectors as well as high performance cables with tightness requirements up to 40 bar.


Numerous special tools guarantee professional craftsmanship. We check the electrical parameters with WEE-cable testers via high voltage test until TDR-in Gigahertz. Laser markings of wires and handling of aluminium wires for aerospace grade harnesses are standard practices.


E.I.S. Electronics is certified according to AS9100. This Quality Management System fulfils the high Standards of Aerospace Industry with regard to Design, Manufacturing and Maintenance.