Image 4

Star Light Unit

LED-Projector for 3 bundles with 100 optical fibres of 1 mm diameter each. Various twinkling effects, 28 V DC, Power Consumption < 7 W, Size 100 mm x 100 mm x 16 mm, designed to meet ABD0100 and RTCA/DO-160E.

Image 2

Star Light Panel

Customized kits designed for Aviation to install StarLight within existing panels. Includes optical fibres, fire protection, fixations – customised according to the cabin design. Minimal effort, low weight, fulfils airworthiness requirements.

Image 3

Star Light Carpet

Installation of Lighting effects into your carpet, you can walk even on the lit dots!

We install the system with our specialists – contact us!

Image 1

IR Sensor

Sensor developed specifically for the shower to start/stop the water supply with setting a discrete signal to the controller. Can also be used for opening/closing doors and lockers mechanism; switching on/off lights; booting up/down screens.

Image 5

Multi Function Controller

Main component for controlling the water system functions. Customized programming to control different systems is possible.

Image 6

Waste Water System

Wide variety of Valves and Sink /Shower chambers for most different purposes.